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Sounds Perfect ( specialise in providing easy to use, hi-fi and TV solutions for every room in your home.

All of our 18 years of experience talking to customers have led to one finite conclusion about electronic equipment. Most people hear and see things so differently that no equipment can truly be called better or worse. It simply comes down to what looks and sounds best to you. If you can't hear the difference between a $600 and $1200 pair of speakers, then an extra $600 buys a lot of new music.


How we can help you

Sounds Perfect aims to give the domestic and small commercial market a simplifed point of contact where you only deal with the one company to integrate all your hi-fi, TV, communications and antenna needs. All work is guaranteed and insured.

To ensure we are providing the most appropriate solution for you, we can visit you to get inside your lifestyle, your music and movie tastes, and tailor every room to your exact needs. We believe what you spend on speakers, and thus amplifiers, and thus the cables to connect them should reflect how much you use them. A smarter distribution of funds can mean you don't have to hate the favourite room in your house.

We can offer you an extensive range of brands listed on this website and some other great brands not listed here. We are also able to assess your existing equipment and integrate it with new equipment, even if you purchase it through another, elsewhere

We deliver professional, reliable, clean and friendly service. We love talking about all technology, and most inportantly we regard your time as highly as ours. This means we call you if we are running even 10 minutes late, and our time on site is almost always what we say it will be.

We are available on extended hours 7 days a week to answer questions and most importantly, offer support when you need it. Because who watches TV Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

We have always said a near perfect sound and picture can be found for almost any budget, as long as the funds are distributed in the right way. This is where we come in. Get the equipment mix right, and a $1000 bookshelf system can sound like you spent $2500 on a big floorstanding system. Get it wrong and .............well let's not waste your money!

Even so, remember that $250,000 of audio equipment won't ever sound the same as the finely tuned instruments of The Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Opera House. If this is what you are after, we recommend spending the money on some season tickets. But we will endeavour to get every system as close as we can.

For a friendly on-site consultation, or to simply gain some insight before your next purchase, please contact us, because more than likely, we have dealt with what you want, before.